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Home School / Charter School Students


Charter School and Home School Students

If your child is a Home School or Charter School student, they may be able to get their music lessons paid for by their school!  Corona Music Center is an authorized vendor for Sage Oaks Charter School, Excel Academy, River Springs Charter School, and iLead Exploration. If your child attends a different charter school or home school program and would like to take music lessons with us through that school, you can have the school contact us at (951) 898-2630.


For Music Lesson Authorizations at Corona Music Center:

  1. Review our website to find the instrument and lessons that you would like to enroll in. All lessons offered at Corona Music Center are available to Charter School and Home School students.
  2. Call us at (951) 898-2630 to schedule your lessons so we have a space for you when the school authorizes the lessons.
  3. Speak with the school facilitator or course counselor at your charter school about authorizing the lessons.
  4. Your school will then provide us with a PO authorizing the lessons.
  5. Once we receive authorization, the student can start their lessons!

All of our instructors have gone through a multi-step background check, including county and national databases. Our student’s safety is our number one priority.


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