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An annual registration fee of $35.00 is required to enroll in the school for each student.

The following tuitions are for all musical instruments, voice and group classes:

½ Hour Private Lesson:  $144.00 per month per student.

½ Hour Tandem Lesson: $72.00 per student per month. *2 student minimum.

1 ½ hour RockStarts and RockAgain : $350.00 ($175 a month for two months) per student for the 8 week course, must be paid in advance. *3 student minimum

Floating Lessons
½ hour private lesson $36.00. One Lesson is pre-paid and booked one week in advance. Student must pay a booking fee of $8.00 to book lesson. And lesson is subject to teacher availability.

One Time Trial Lessons
½ hour private lesson $36.00. Lesson must be pre-paid when booked.

Proration Rates:

Prorate each student at registration based on their starting date.

1 Lesson: $36.00
2 Lessons: $72.00
3 Lessons: $108.00
4 or 5 Lessons: $144.00


Convenient after-school times available.
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