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The 7 Biggest Benefits for Children Taking Music Lessons

benefits of music lessons for childrenDeveloping a singing ability or learning an instrument takes strong determination and hours of practice. According to research, the younger a child starts to develop his/her musical abilities, the more he/she benefits – not only in the matter of tangible learned skills, but also in numerous intangible benefits that accompany the developed skills.

Most parents who enroll their children in taking music lessons don’t realize the full advantages the training process has on their children’s overall development. Even if your child doesn’t choose a career as a musician, the benefits, skills, and positive impacts of music lessons are invaluable for the rest of his/her lifetime.
There are 7 biggest benefits for children taking music lessons. You can expect your child to learn the following skills upon taking music lessons:

1. Concentration Skills

When taking music lessons and learning to play musical instrument a child’s ability to focus is improved as the lesson requires ample concentration. They must also develop perseverance and patience to overcome challenges. These skills will definitely translate into various other aspects of life including focusing attention on subjects at school.

2. Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination is improved drastically by playing a musical instrument. Whether your child wishes to pursue music, become a brain surgeon, or a hockey player, strong hand-eye coordination will be a valuable skill in his/her life.

3. Problem Solving Skills

Similar to learning any other musical instrument, playing a guitar presents the learner with several obstacles and difficulties to overcome. From mastering a composition to learning new chord fingerings as well as overcoming stage-fright, this continuously evolving process stimulates and challenges the mind to grow.

4. Creativity

The greatest accomplishments come from creative minds. Creativity should be encouraged. The imagination of a child is very important for his/her cognitive development. Music lessons are an effective tool for creative and imaginative play. Writing new melodies and playing songs is a great way to encourage your child’s imagination and creativity.

5. Goal Setting

Musicians are very disciplined. They set goals for themselves for each month, week, and day that goes by. They are constantly looking at ways to improve themselves gradually as they are never satisfied with mediocrity. This is a skill not everyone possesses. This quality is also as important when it comes to other aspects of life.

6. Cultural Knowledge

During music lessons, children learn about different styles of music, the history of music, and the lives of composers. This knowledge makes them more well-rounded individuals.

7. Math Skills

Interestingly, learning music also helps improve mathematical skills, particularly when learning rhythm and theory. This is because of the fact that music itself is entirely based on mathematical principles. Learning the theory and rhythm and then applying it to a creative outlet is a perfect way to disguise mathematics while making it fun.
In conclusion, children involved in music lessons gain all the above mentioned skills without even knowing it. Whether they are relevant to their future careers or not, these benefits prepare them to have successful lives.

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